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1. Cholera

A Bivalent killed whole cell Oral Cholera Vaccine developed by IVI and produced by Shantha Biotechnics, Hyderabad in the name of Shanchol � has been filed tried in 2011 in Satybadi block of Odisha in a total population of 51,872 in 9166 households.

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2. Diarrhoeal Disorders

1. V. cholerae O1 and O139 serogroups are the causative agent of cholera leading to large morbidity and mortality.

2. Quick diagnosis of cholera is required for early treatment and control measures

3. Conventional methods of diagnosis is inconvenient and delayed process for early detection.

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3. Emerging Viral Infections

Emerging Viral Infections (Epidemic / Pandemic) in Odisha: Diagnosis & public health reccomendation.

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4. Lymphatic Filariasis

1. Atypical Lymphatic nodules found in 7.6% of population in endemic areas of bancroftian filariasis in Orissa [Acta tropica 55(1993),53-60]

2. Death of adult worm leads to formation of granulomatous nodules.

3. Histopathological section of nodule demonstrate granuloma formation and adult parasites IJMR, 84, Sept 1986, 270-274.

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5. Entomology

Of late more emphasis is given on bio perspective of botanicals as effective mosquitocidal agent, which may prove more safe , efficient and cost effective.

Out of 10 plant extracts , Ethyl acetate, & hexane extracts of root & bark of the plant Cinnamon & Diospyras showed encouraging results as a larvicide of mosquitoes.

The above products acted like insect growth regulatory hormone and induced coloure change in the pupa (Green ,red & Yellow ) & also inhibited adult emergence.

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6. Nutrition


Partnership: ICDS, Govt.of Orissa & NIN, Hyderabad Reduction in Prevalence of Anaemia

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